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The 9th CPAC will take place in Beijing, August 30th to 31th, 2018. This year's CPAC will bring together thought leaders around the world with focus on the latest trend and hottest topics in IP industry, and unparalleled networking opportunities. The CPAC provides the sheer opportunity for you to learn and exchange ideas with other IP elites beyond the border.
2017 is the first year for revitalization of real economy in China. On one hand, innovation, which is embodied in management, service and marketing models other than technology and products, is essential driving force for the growth of real economy. Internet, digitalization and sharing economy makes the innovation of real economy more diversified. On the other hand, intelligent manufacturing is the main sector that leads the growth of real economy. The convergence of new technologies including AI, IoT, 3D printing, 5G telecommunication with traditional industries is accelerated. Correspondently, the M&A, outsourcing of R&D, IP licensing is more common during the corporate operation. Therefore, the infringement risk is raised, which is caused by the diversified and complicated innovation system. Centering the theme of "Patent Driving the Growth of Real Economy", CPAC 2017 will explore new forms, trends and developments of patent operation in the evolving economic context. The CPAC will gather thought leaders and professionals around the world to share their insights and experiences in IP industry.
Launched in 2010, CPAC is committed to building up platform of international cooperation and communication for patent professionals. The conference is sticked to "Bring Together for Better", gathering delegates from IP offices, in-house counsels, IP attorneys, patent experts, as well as patent information service providers. Driven by the demand of Chinese and foreign enterprises, the event seizes the core of the latest trends in the IP field. In 2016, CPAC has received more than 4,000 participants, 76 exhibitors, and 78 speakers. Due to the great influence and diversity of programs, along with the insights of professional speakers, CPAC offers unrivalled opportunities for participants. CPAC is also an unparalleled opportunity for all kinds of players of keeping updated with the latest IP information, building up brand recognition, marketing, and networking.
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